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Abdul B. Qamar
3 min readNov 10, 2021


Thousands among us want to start a new business but don’t know how to do so. Therefore, I’m sharing some tips that might help you start your business.

Do what you Enjoy

The greatest motivation for an entrepreneur is the passion for what they love to do the most. Before starting your business, you must be familiar with what you enjoy the most because you will be spending both of your time and energy on what you enjoy doing. It would be great to become successful. If not, then at least you would not regret doing something that you love.

Planning and Execution

Create a business plan and write it down for your ease. Go according to the demand of time but never be too hasty with its execution. Remember the sentence you often use to hear? Rome was not built in one day. Yes, be patient and wait for the right time before executing things.

Market Research

Before launching your business, make sure to study the market, competitors, and your customers’ psychology. Find prospects and try to engage them while building your initial network to save time and generate profit as soon as possible.

Branding of Business

No matter how much worth your business has. If there is no proper branding, in the end, only you will suffer. Therefore, choose a relevant name for your business. Get your required printing done like business cards, invoices, letterheads, logos, designing, etc. Create your website and if you can afford it, have a business email too.

Backup of Capital

Before starting your business, you need to memorize that you will not get profits right away. Therefore, you should not invest all your funds. If you’re a job person, don’t resign until you start getting profit from your start-up. Even if you already have a source of income, you should not invest all your cash into the business. At least keep 30% of it as a backup. After all, we can always invest our money into the business but gradually!

Having an Efficient Team

Always remember that you cannot do everything alone. You will always need an efficient team that can increase both your productivity and profit. First of all, find a mentor or a person who can minimize the chances of relapse. Pieces of Advice, you know. If you don’t have one, hire a business consultant. The second step should be hiring staff who should be experts in marketing, production, etc. They can be two or three but EXPERTS in their fields!

Tip — The right person at the right place at the right time.

Start as a Professional

What would you say about a person who wants to become a professional but doesn’t have professional ethics and manners? No matter how much successful your business will be in the future, practice professionalism from day one. It will not only increase your reputation in the market but raise your character in front of your team as well. I guess that would be enough to know before starting your new business. Now it’s time to invest in what you love to do.

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